Important Tips For Living Off The Grid

Getting Off The Grid – Things You Need To Do Before You Start


Discussions on renewable energy are fairly commonplace nowadays. However, such conversions will usually go a notch higher whenever gas prices spiral out of control. It is during such times that ‘getting off the grid’ momentarily becomes all the rage. Geting off the power grid means a situation where the entire electricity needs of a home are met by means other than the power grid.


At one time, getting off the power grid was considered the preserve of green nerds and hermits. Not anymore. With the proliferation and advancement of solar power technology, dependency on the grid is no longer an inevitability we all have to live with for life. But letting go of the grid requires careful deliberation.

The following are some important tips:


Given the obvious benefits that solar power provides, the question is why don’t the majority of home owners depend on it partially or entirely? For the most part, the biggest barrier is cost. Solar panels, wind turbines, power converters and batteries are not cheap especially of you want to generate enough power sufficient for getting off the power grid. Still, there are options that you can explore to cut down the budget considerably. Take time to research and come up with an actionable, affordable plan of getting off the grid.

Evaluate your energy requirements

It may cost you $200 to hire a professional for an audit of your domestic energy use. But this one off cost can be the gate way to far greater energy savings even before you begin getting off the grid. Not only is hiring an energy expert for this key but it also helps to engage this second set of eyes just in case familiarity may have blinded you from what is otherwise obvious energy wastage.

Invest in power efficient technology

In recent years, fluorescent lighting has replaced traditional incandescent lights – a significant step forward in energy saving. Fluorescent lighting in turn is bound to be replaced by light emitting diodes, marking a further drop in power consumption. In addition, unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain the dangerous and non-environment friendly mercury gas.

Connect with like-minded people

No person is a universal reservoir of knowledge. You stand to gain more and accelerate your progress if you can connect with people that are already living off the power grid. They have done it and they can show you the pitfalls and mistakes they have made which will prevent you doing the same.


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